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  1. Thanks man I’ll be sure to do that!
  2. Oh ok thanks. I didn’t even realize there was a grey. Thanks for the info, I’m new to painting, and warhammer as a whole.
  3. How do you know what color primer to get for the figures? I was thinking about painting some Daemons of Slaanesh figures, and I’m not sure if I should use black or white primer.
  4. I hope so. Thanks for the info, I’m very new to warhammer, and war games in general.
  5. Is the Hosts of Slaanesh army in another book or something, because they don’t seem to have their own Battletome. It’s confusing because they’re a fairly large army. I was thinking about making a Host of Slaanesh army, but I can’t find a book about them.
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