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  1. Videos of my recent ongoing narrative skirmish campaign with my brother while waiting for Warcry to be released. Apologies for the quality of the first video. We were still learning how to use the camera phone.
  2. I would disagree here. A stronger opponent that values player skill in winning should be challenging themselves to be better players constantly which they are not doing by playing against a weaker opponent with a stronger army. As the weaker opponent will not be capitalising on their mistakes making the stronger opponent become lazy when playing an opponent of equal or greater skill. Taking a 'handicapped' army will ensure that they are not relying on any crutches that they may be dependent opening their understanding of the game so more list building building options will be open to them and they will be more likely to be able to find the list that drives the meta going forward. Therefore, crushing weaker opponents helps nobody but someone who needs their ego stroked as the weaker player is more likely to quit the game in frustration instead of growing their skill over time and 'getting good' and the stronger player wastes their time and effort because they were not able to match wits with their opponent on an easy win that was not in doubt before the game began.
  3. There is a battleplan in the Khorne Bloodbound Battletome where one army is trying to find their fallen leader in one of 3 possible locations that could substitute the leader for an artifact with the other army winning by preventing the Khorne army from finding their leader. I've used this battleplan against a moonclan tribe trying to locate a sacred colossal squig egg to secure their leadership.
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