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  1. So this list has 143 wounds, 4 heroes that can regen the the skels, also +2 to casting fromthe corpse cart and mortis engine. so it should be kinda hard to kill off the whole army. arkhan at +5 casting with 3 spells and the necros at +2 with 2 spells each and 2 spells from prince Vhordrai (going to assume is going to be to far forward killing stiff to get the buffs) So getting spells off should not be to hard and you should be able to control the magic phase pretty well, this means Arkhan is getting all of his spells off 100% (unless dispelled) and his necromancers getting there spells off at about 90% of the time. While whats above looks pretty strong and can easily feel overwhelming the first few times, and i think with a plan this can be beaten. So i mainly play BCR and Death, (with death taking a heavy back burner the last half year), and i have played a few games against Lords of Sacrament armies with my BCR. They where good a good fight. Arkhan is a casting monster but at 11 wounds with a 4+/6+ i found 2 Snow ball blast and a hawk or 2 and he falls. And while looking at Prince Vhordrail stats it seams that he could be focused down by some snowball blast and hawks. I have yet to play against the prince so that only some theory crafting. the necromancers are more tricky to deal with normally. i would recommend, (as i found it to be the most annoying way to kill them), that you keep them with lots and lots of summonable units around to help soak up that range damage. I believe that there main strength in this force is there heroes. and when you really forces your force on the blocks of skeletons they crumble pretty fast. In my most recent game vs them i brought a frostlord on stonehorn(general), 1 stonehorn beastrider, 2 thundertusk Beastrider, 2 groups of mournfang and 6 cats in groups of 2. They had (to the best of me remembering) arkhan, 2 necromancers,, mortis engin 80 skellys in 40 man blocks, black kngihts 2 groups of 10 and 2 handed grave guard for the rest. They had first turn and moved there army forward both blocks of spearmen had a necromancer behind them and black knights ran up the side. they do some buffs and few mortal wounds come out from magic but i dont drop any tiers in power. my turn 1 i use cats to hold objectives while the rest move there 12 inches forward and throw out some hawks to deal mortal wounds while the thurndertusk blast arkhan for 12 mortal wounds. and i charge my big beastriders into the skells (re-rolling charge thxs to frostlord) get both stonehorns in and deal 6 mortal wounds from charge between both of them. there attacks do about 18 or so more wounds and battleshock takes the rest of them. then its the death player turn. they give my frost lord miunes to hit and bravery (dont know the spelll name) and the black kngihts charge my morunfang and skells charge my stornhorn. forst lord takes 3 wounds while other takes 5. they attack back dealing killing 9. the mornfang lose 1 guy but deal 6 wounds back. and during my turn my thundertusk blast the necromancers killing 1 and dealing 3 wounds to other (transferred 2 to the skells) and the hawks kill the necromancer. i charge in the thundertusk and they kill the rest of the skells as the black knights and mounrfangs deal no damage. i get the double turn and turn to blast the grave garud that hold objetives and send in the stornhourns. after this he calls it seeing 85% of his army dead while just killing off my mournfangs.
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