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  1. Lol Kroaknado + Eternal Starhost was widely regarded as terrible for the longest time until I started placing well in tournaments with it. Now I've started to see them cropping up they still don't place very well though assuming because of the lack of experience with it. I would definitely not call it a "gatekeeper" list. Kroaknado lists in general yes they usually run a shadowstrike starhost though which is a VERY different list.
  2. A good unit to note is Seraphon Chameleon Skinks. They can be set up anywhere on the table including in melee base to base contact with you during the movement phase. They have a 3+ save in cover and decent shooting. 2 shots a piece, 6s cause 2 damage instead of 1 (3 against daemons). If there is a balewind with a gaunt summoner on it they can pop up onto the balewind in base to base with him and nuke him easily.
  3. Yes but if your opponent goes first they get the hero / shooting phase to attempt to kill the engine before it's buffs are put up.
  4. Bah. I meant: Doesn't require the Engine of the Gods to be alive to keep it's buffs. You need to kill it and get through it's revival relic in your magic / shooting phase. Once the combat phase comes it automatically kicks in their buff for the rest of the game.
  5. Need to Clarify/Correct something on here (Not to be rude just accurate) The Thunderquake host does not require the Engine of the Gods for the buffs. At the beginning of the first combat phase, yours or your opponents you pick one of the abilities. SWIFT: Reroll charges and hits or SAVAGE:reroll wounds and saves. (Everyone uses savage because you already have abilties to reroll hits and charges) and once this is chosen it remains upon the creatures for the rest of the battle unless it is changed to the opposite option by the controlling player in a subsequent combat phase. If you are going to deny the buff to the seraphon player you will need to kill the engine with your magic / shooting in turn 1 and then the relic that lets you revive on a 3+ will most likely be on the engine allowing it to possibly escape death. So it will be very very hard to kill it off turn 1 before the combat phase. Think very carefully if you're going to try and do that or you risk wasting your entire first turn.
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