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2k BCR results


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I figured I should start a new post since I ditched the 3 stonefrost list

Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders

Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)
- Artefact: The Pelt of Charngar 
Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)
- Artefact: The Pelt of Charngar 
Huskard on Thundertusk (340)

Huskard on Thundertusk (340)

Icebrow Hunter (160)
- General
- Trait: Everwinter's Master 

2 x Frost Sabres (60)
- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Icetooth Hunter General)
2 x Frost Sabres (60)
- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Icetooth Hunter General)
2 x Frost Sabres (60)
- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Icetooth Hunter General)

Skal (60)

Total: 2000/2000


Went to the first of 2 tournaments (other one on this coming saturday). my first and 3rd opponents had their lists on their phones, so they are from best memory


Game one - Undead - take and hold


arkhan on beast

2 x wight banner bearer


10 black knights

2 x 30 spearmen

30 skeleton warriors

20 bowmen


I gave first turn and my opponent planted his banners (so they both affected all of the skeleton units). he also ran forwards with his archers and almost killed a thundertusk. I healed the thunderstusk a bit and charged both frostlords into the archers wiping them out. I got top of 2 and moved up and each frostlord charged a block of spearmen. then both then spent the rest of the game eating through 30 spearmen (because of usually a 6+ save, 5+ ward from being near a death character then two 6+ ward from the 2 banners), one killing arkhan who charged in. the thundertusks fought the mourngal and killed it after a couple rounds and then fought the black knights. the game ended with no one having a place of power and I won a minor victory on kill points


game 2 - khorne bloodbound - 3 places of power



might lord of khorne





10 blood warriors

10 blood warriors

10 bloodreavers

3x 3 skullcrushers

5 chaos knights

gore pilgrims

brass stampede


opponent deployed the blood pilgrims and the foot characters in the middle with all the juggers together on one flank and the chaos knights on the other. I took first turn and moved up and killed one slaughterpriest and the mighty lord with the thundertusks. The frostlords ran up and both got charges, one into the skullcrusher block and the other into the pilgrimage (killing the second slaughterpriest on impact hits). the one frostlord spent the rest of the game eating through the 9 skullcrushers while the other killed most of the pilgrimage before dying. the thundertusks shot the characters throughout the game while sitting on two of the places of power while the juggerlord sat on the third, giving me a big lead on points. major victory


Game 3 tzeentch - gifts from heaven


lord of change

2 x herald

herald on disc

3 x exalted flamers

30 pink horrors

30 blue horrors

15 brimstone horrors

10 chaos warriors

10 chaos warriors


I gave first turn and let the opponent come towards me a bit (which he needed to do to get within shooting and magic range. On bottom of first both frostlords got good runs and the thundertusks moved forwards and both shot, one killing a herald and the other killing an exalted flamer. Both stonehorns charged in (one into blue horrors and one into a unit of chaos warriors) but also got within an inch of an exalted flamer, killing one with impact hits. the Frostlord fighting the chaos warriors did almost a dozen wounds that my opponent rolled all 5`s and 6`s and not a single warrior died. The horrors did not fair as well, losing about a dozen, though he used a destiny die to roll a 1 and get D6 models back. the blue horrors deployed behind the pink in the middle where, he was lucky the objective fell down. my opponent got top of two and took one frostlord down to just a few wounds (mostly due to shooting and magic). On my turn I healed just a bit and the objective landed and i had my hunter and wolves appear on it.  I moved up with the thundertusks and shot another herald and finished off the last flamer. the vultures ended up putting 2 wounds on the lord of change. they both charged the blue horrors fighting the frostlord which ended up with the unit being finished off. The chaos warriors actually finished off the frostlord. I won turn 3 and moved up with the thundertusks and put 12 wounds on the lord of change (who already took 2 from vultures), killing him. the frostlord charged the blue horrors sitting on his objective, contesting it. at this point my opponent conceded to me. major victory


This gave me 2 major victories and one minor victory for a first place finish. I put the store credit towards my preorder of 8th edition.

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