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Orruk boarboyz shield



Hi boyz, a qyestion for you: the boar boyz tusker shield rule say that you can reroll save rolls.. but this means all the save rolls (failed and saved)? Or only the failed?

I have the doubt because in other warscroll specify "failed save rolls" (the warboss shield for example)








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It will be optional.

However, this wording is helpful compared to rerolling failed save rolls due to the rerolls before modifiers principle.

If you only reroll failed saves, then you would do so by comparing the natural dice rolled against the save stat, before considering modifiers - chiefly rend.

This means that if you roll a 4 for a Kurnoth Hunter's save in combat with -1 rend, then you cannot reroll this as it's not a failed save roll (because the reroll takes place before the modifier). Having done all the rerolls, applying the modifiers takes the 4s to 3s, which fail.

The Orruk shield is more Kunning than this, as you can choose to reroll the 4s.

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