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Sylvaneth 1k list. TLA advice


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So I have a game on Tuesday. Got a 1k list, which I think is tasty, but I plan to commit my TLA to combat so I have selected a combat. Hold for him. Would like for you guys to beat your scalpels and dissect this list.

TLA - general, briarsheeth, oaken armour, verdants blessing

20 dryads

5 Trevs

3 hunters greatswords 

3 hunters scythes

so as you can see I've loaded up my TLA to take a beating and hopefully take it quite comfortably. However, as I want to lay a nice foundation of woods down I've opted for verdants blessing, but I also question this build as it's for combat so should i run regrowth on himself? I can't rely on silent communion for the 4+ woods with a 15" range, hence why I've gone for verdants blessing.

another option would be remove a unit of hunters and throw a branchwych in and have her cast regrowth on the TLA, but as it's stands I really like the punching power of my army so far.


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Gnarled Warrior and Oaken Armor are a better combo imo, givng the TLA a 2+ save and ignoring all rend under -2

Also don't underestimate the potential of the Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows and their ability to teleport through Wyldwoods, keeping them far from charge ranges of enemies.


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Well I had my game and won. TLA held up a dreadlord on dragon throughout the whole game and didn't take a wound. Got my stomp on him so a -2 to hit was pretty heartbreaking for my opponent.

Greatsword kurnoths took a whole unit of executioners out turn 1. 

My scythe kurnoths and dryads took out 20 bleakswords and 2 bolt throwers.

was a decent game!

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