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Reality Splitting Axe question?



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If the model dies in combat then it cannot die again, but let me clarify this for the sake of attacking multi-wound units and killing models in case that's what you were getting at.

If you attack a unit of Tzaangors (who have 2 wounds each) with your reality splitting axe and you cause 3 damage - the first Tzaangor dies from your damage and you cause 1 damage to the next Tzaangor.  That Tzaangor that survived has taken 1 wound from the reality splitting axe and thus the effect triggers and could possibly kill the second Tzaangor.

However if you are attacking a single model, and you kill the model with your damage, then the reality splitting axe has nothing to kill with its ability as the model has already been slain.

If by model you mean the Lord of Khorne himself... then the ability will still go off so long as you have caused a wound to the model with the axe.

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