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Army idea 2 - forces of the stormquisition


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So, not entirely convinced about the Stonecast army idea I recently passed under your noses for consideration I give you - The Stormquisition,  opinions please.


The taint of chaos runs deep in the many-worlds, rumours even abound other trickster god taking celestant form and leading brotherhood against brotherhood. Although all stormers fight to last against the scurrilous forces of chaos one secret enclave exists to hunt down traitors within their human allies and prevent the downfall of azyrheim from within.


So, very normally built stormcast painted in red (think fleshtearer red rather than blood angel red) with black shoulder guards and face plates and gold trim. A suitable device will be painted on shoulder guards. 

As the army progresses I can add in other order allies -tenebral shard would make an excellent assassin,  perhaps the humans will make good 'servs' if/when they are re-released?


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