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Sylvaneth white bark scheme?


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I'd probably start by priming white, then basecoating in P3's Bastion grey mixed with Trollblood highlight. It's a sort-of dove-pink grey which looks like it'd work a treat.  Really depends on what kind of 'white' you want- coming up from blue, grey, biege, etc. I'll try and get a swatch made up for you tonight and see if said grey works, keenish on Sylvaneth (but after I paint all my aelves!)

Edit: It was trollblood highlight + bastion grey that I was thinking of. Used it a while ago to get a nice stone colour. Anyhow, made a 'swatch' out of a 60x35mm base.

The bottom is Bastion grey + Thrall flesh, centre is GW Rakarth flesh + P3 Menoth White highlight and the top is Trollblood highlight with bastion grey, then taken further into the base with menoth white highlight. Each is a grey, and can be used as a shade/base with an off-white like Menoth highlight as the main colour. Hope this helps!


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My favourite technique for a blue-toned white is using Vallejo model colour and GW Drakenhof Nightshade (blue) wash. 

Baseboat with Shadow Grey, wash with Nightshade, then drybrush up with Shadow Grey again, then Wolf Grey, then white. 

If you want it neater you can paint on rather than drybrush, but it's a lot more time consuming. 

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Are you referring to this scheme?

I agree it looks pretty great.

If I had to guess I'd say the head and chest is based rakarth flesh, the neck and upper arms zandri dust, and the forearms and thighs mechanicus standard grey, all washed agrax earthshade and then highlighted up.

I know that's not very precise and possibly not what you were after but it's nice to chat isn't it? :)

It occurs to me that if you wanted a lighter bark look celestra grey could be a good place to start

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