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Salutations from Leeds.

Megz Boyson

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Hey, I'm Megatron (I deed polled it a while back) from Leeds. I haven't really played or painted since 3rd ed, but have kept an eye on all things Warhammer; I'd pick up the odd book or miniature here and there, but rarely got round to painting them. The figures I've amassed span pretty much all of fantasy's editions and are loosely based on the old Slaves to Darkness Slaaneshi army list, crossed with Storm of Chaos' Cult of Slaanesh list and peppered with figures I just liked. Age of Sigmar has fully reignited my passion for Warhammer; I find myself painting regularly now and have played a few battles with my daughter. I should have a half decent army painted up by summer and will hopefully get a chance to play against some adults. :D


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