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Have extra Archaon, trade?


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Hi all, UK based


Have an extra, unopened Archaon (the new dragony one) and wondered if someone would like to trade things for it?


I'd be interested in...


Blood bowl chaos team

Unpainted and unbuilt chaos chosen

Unpainted and unbuilt bestigors 


Minotaur character

Metal Minotaurs 

Metal beastmen

Metal chaos warriors

Unpainted Cockatrice

Unpainted Jabberslythe 

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The best I can muster from your list is: a built but unpainted metal Shaggoth, 10 unbuilt bestigors and 2 old-hammer metal Minotaur characters  (Lord Ox Roar and the hooded Minotaur Lord).

Would you consider that a worthwhile swap?

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