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Stormcast Vs Malignants and Khorne Bloodbound

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So I've had 2 games this week.
1st one vs Malignants (8 point games) for my local game shops campaign. Objective was claim the objective in the center of the field, can move objective counter 6" per turn,
Turn 1 to Malignants, Mortis Engine gets real close to the objective, but lets some Hexwraiths past to claim the objective, Necromancer hides behind a tree, guarded by skeletons and Spirit Hosts. Black Knights guarding the Mortis Enginge's flank.
I threw my Prosecutors out to the side with the Lord Celestant on Dracoth to get a wide swing at the Necromancer.
Retributors smashed the Hexwraiths and claimed the objective.
Slow death for the Necromancer from Prosecutors and Dracoth, Skeletons fighitng Prosecutors and Spirit Hosts fighting Dracoth after Necromancer dead.
Liberator units hammering into the Mortis Engine one at a time to keep it in place. Mortis Engine uses its once per battle ability and deals out 15 damage in a 20" radius.
Retributors fall back and pass objective to Lord Relictor and form a wall around him. Game went for 4 battle rounds, Each hero killed earns 1 victory point, and the objective earns 3 victory points. Victory to me as I killed the Necromancer and claimed the Objective earning 4 points, while my 2 heroes survived until the end. I managed to get the Mortis Engine down to 1 wound, in the final turn, blasted thing made the save required to stop it from dying.

Game 2. 10.5 points, Stormcast vs Khorne Bloodbound.
Walled my Stormcast and made the Khorne rush me. Wrathmongers made my Retributors hit themselves in the head a lot. Dracoth took down Valkia. Mighty Lord of Khorne took out my Lord Celestant (On foot) with his "Reality Splitting Axe" but not until he was also killed. Liberators killed off the last Wrathmongers, and the Blood Warriors. Korghorath killed by Lord Celestant on Dracoth. Chaos Sorcerer Lord killed off the Lord Celestant on Dracoth... a lot of small fights, it finally came down to the Lord Relictor vs Bloodsecrator!
Lord Relictor managed to beat down the Bloodsecrator without taking a wound!

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