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Thundering Spider Yhetees, 2000 pts.


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I'm not sure if this breaks any rules or not. The models seem pretty awesome.

3 Huskard on Thundertusk

3 savage orruks 10 each

4 spider rider units of 5

2 ice yhetees of 3

The spider riders seem like an excellent clean up unit. I think there is a reasonable mix of these units that probably involves 15 spider riders and 2 thundertusks with a better battleline unit that hosts the general. Has anyone tried something like this? I love the monster mayhem, is there a workable concept here?

The spider riders can fire up to 40 5/5 arrows into a unit pre charge, along with Huskard shots plinking mortal wounds. Is the through put for damage there? Or am I going to have to overkill/bounce too often?

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