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2.5k FEC Tourney List


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Hey guys, starting to prep for Adepticon and want some advise on my 2.5k Warhost list. Couple things to note, both command traits and relics are rolled for randomly every game, and units can't be a part of 2 battalions. 




GK on foot





10x Ghouls

Ghoul Patrol:






Horrors, GK, Varghulf anchor the middle. 10 man non-patrol unit for back objectives. Dragons fly where needed. I usually give the two GK's the shroud to teleport but it won't work this tourney =\ Flayers are for objectives and harassers. Patrol outflanked on objectives/distracting unit. Thoughts? Pretty balanced and solid list, but I don't know if it'll stand up to the ultra competive lists I expect to see at Adepticon. Thanks!

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Couple things to note, both command traits and relics are rolled for randomly every game, 

I hate to say it, but you're going into this with one arm tied behind your back already. You've lost the ability to guarantee Ruler of the Night (the 5+ Ward save), which is frankly the cornerstone of any non-Settra Death Grand Alliance army and especially important for Flesh Eater Courts, since (a) they are the most reliant on grinding down their opponents and generally being resilient; and (b) their command abilities are garbage in matched play (no-one wants to be summoning the same thing 5 battlerounds in a row). It's difficult to overstate how big a deal this is (and how much better Ruler of the Night is than Red Fury- and that's even before the existence of Disciples of Tzeentch - probably the new mortal wound factory) - ward saves are a precious commodity.

Normally I would make the champion of a unit of 6-12 Crypt Horrors the general if I was going to play pure FEC (pointless as no real benefit from doing so). If you think making your general an 8 wound hero with a 5+ save is a viable option, then .... It will be shot off the table before you can say Kurnoth Hunters.

If you doubt this, find a friendly Nurgle player and offer to play him on the basis that all his Ward saves only kick in on a 6+.

I have a FEC army and I wouldn't dream of going to this event with it for that reason alone. I would almost certainly play Order such that the loss of control over command traits and relics punishes all of my opponents far more or as much as it does my army.

Given that you're asking for advice on the list, I'm assuming that fluff isn't of paramount importance to you?

The best option given the lack of Ward save is to cut your losses. Skip the Command Trait entirely by picking a named character as general - this gives you 3 credible options - Nagash, Neferata and Mannderp, probably in that order of value.

If the game size is really 2,500 (Warhost) size and you don't just mean that this is the size of an army including a sideboard, then the choice is obvious. Dust off Nagash who has been sitting unused on the shelf for 6 months (or borrow one if time is critical). He would be the general, since his Command Ability is epic and he is scalable (should be viable at 2,500 and overpowered at 3,000). 

Then add a Necromancer (who can buff all of your army bar the heroes and is critical to your damage output. Then add as many cheap wizards with good spells as possible. They can chill out in the corner of the table drinking all the Battlebrew that the Destruction armies somehow managed to misplace. Nagash can already pump out the spells of the GKoTG and the GKoZD (he cannot get the extra 5+ ward save though, but he can project the reroll wounds buff aura to buff nearby FEC), you've got a few spells left to fill up of the 8. The best options would be Little Mannderp for 160? so that Nagash can cast his spell (identical to that of Big Mannderp) and the Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror to double the movement characteristic of one of the Flappies or that of Nagash. I appreciate that these chaps aren't necessarily available easily. I've converted my VLoAT and I converted my Little Mannfred so that he also fits onto the Big Cat when necessary.

Little Mannderp can hide in cover in the corner all game if you want to be fluffy and Nagash can still cast his spell (and all the spells of any opponents unlucky enough to be playing Death themselves).

Finally a Coven Throne is an interesting option as well, Beguile cast from Nagash can win a game by itself by taking out an enemy Deathstar (hello 15 Bravery 6 Brutes welcome to the end of your contribution to the game) for the whole game (if you keep casting it and then chasing the unit down when it retreats with the caster - endless fun).

See here for a vaguely on point example:


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Lol... thanks for the reply but it doesn't help much. Adepticon is 2 months away, and dabbling into more death models isn't exactly an option for me. So FEC's it is! The games are 2,500, no side board. My General is my GKoTG, not the Varghulf. Unfortunately not being able to get rulernof the night automatically is going to hurt a lot I know. So, taking that into consideration, I still need advice on this list! I would be able to add a few non-FEC models such as a vampire lord or nexromancer no problem, but I'd like to go pure FEC if possible (and some what competitive!) I'm not looking to go here to win out, but be able to compete and have fun since I have a day to kill before the 40k team tourney. 

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