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hit shenanigans death army


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looking for some list feedback!



vampire on zombie dragon cursed book

vampire on abyssal terror

10 zombies

10 zombies

10 zombies

2 fell bats

3 Vargheists

idea is using the -1 shooting penalty from the bats, -1 from neferata, -1 from vampire lord and -1 or -2 from the mourngul to make the monsters band together and be unhittable or severely limited.

vampire on terror either shoots the zombies forward or more likely let's the mourngul move 24" and charge making his bubble go off right away with the 6" range.

stack neferata deploying 12, moving 12 and having an 18" range and I should be able to easily give -2/3 to hit on my first turn.

seems like I'll have to think my movement through very carefully but it could neuter any deathstar except those that do mortal wounds without rolling hits. and for those I'll bubble wrap with 30 zombies and then attack with 4 monsters in the same turn.

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