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Hi, I'm Paul

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I'm Paul and a new inductee into the world of Age of Sigmar. I've played WH:40k for many years up until a couple or three years ago when I got fed up with feeling like I was just trying to keep up with the game and the prices due to what felt like GW's new strategy for releasing and selling their stuff.

I recently found out that they had ended the WH:FB world and stepped it on to the WH:AoS world which I absolutely love as it's the perfect mix of 40k and FB that I was craving.

I've recently started messing about with creating websites as well so thought I might as well put my two hobbies together and out of the mix was created: DiceFiend.com

DiceFiend.com is my humble little blog about me and my AoS experiences as well as the odd board game review here and there.

Thanks to Ben at @BadDice_Podcast for pointing me in the direction of this great looking community. It appears to be exactly what I've been looking for.

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