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Cohort of Tzeentch, Vagaries of Fate, Oracle of Eternity


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Yeah, points aren't such a big issue because the only way I'd run this cohort in matched play would be to take the minimum then sink everything else into reinforcement points — a summoning-based army.

I guess even a 1 in 6 chance to bring Kairos back would not be a bad thing.

Related to that, I'm guessing if the general is killed and brought back he isn't the general anymore, if Kairos has already used his Oracle of Eternity, then gets killed and brought back, would he be able to use it again later in the battle? If I'm paying reinforcement points for him, he isn't the "same" model, right?

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Arguably he's not the general anymore. If it's a new unit.

I cannot see any reason why if you're paying full points for him and he's a new unit why he doesn't come back wholly renewed with the Oracle ability ready to go. 

I don't see the logic of having the points lying around unused for multiple turns on the off chance of rolling a 6.

It's never going to be worthwhile if your opponent reads the Battalion scroll before the game - as it will telegraph your plan (unless you've got a contingency plan for doing something with the reinforcement points that you're having to hold back). People know to be careful when they see Kairos appear, except when they play Terry and place their valuable units on top of the magnet underneath the 12 inch line directly opposite his 6 Stormfiends (this is paraphrasing what he said on Facehammer).... You're better off having another LoC or whatever on the table from the start.

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