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SKS has made the join decision


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Hello all,

I'm StealthKnightSteg, also known member of warhammer-empire and lustria-online and I decided to finally take the plunge and join here (normally I try to limit forums I access as it prohibits me from painting and other related hobby stuff (these boards due take up some time).

But this forum does seem to teem with life for discussing AoS and that is something I am looking for (the old-hammer forums seem to die a little :( )

About me: I'm from the Netherlands (already up in the map), 36 years old, a dad/family man, working in IT as a software tester.

I'm playing on and off since 1999, and AoS finally made me pick up the hobby in a good flow, used to play Empire (5000-6000 points 8th ed) and now waiting a bit for Free People to really show up (not alot painted actually..). And started a Stormcast Eternals army (all painted bar the new stuff  just got)

Got my own blog to show off my hobby and battlereports: https://wargamingbysks.wordpress.com/

Well if you got more questions about me and/or my hobby just ask :)


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Hi. I used to read your posts on the old empire site; your summaries were excellent! Yes, i am waiting for a decent free peoples set of rules. If they could bring back knights with some good rules that would be stupendous.


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