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2K Ogors vs Khorne

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So my friend and I had his first game since AoS replaced 8th Edition. He decided to run his ogors, while I ran a combined force of Khorne mortals and daemons.

My list:

Aspiring Deathbringer w/Spiteful and Daemon Weapon (general)


Slaughterpriest w/hackblade

Herald of Khorne

20x Bloodletters

10x Chaos Warriors

10x Chaos Warriors

5x Chaos Knights

Skull Cannon

5x Flesh Hounds

6x Bloodcrushers


His list:

Ogor Tyrant w/None Left Standing and Blade of Vir...... (general)



Frostlord on Stonehorn

3x Ogors

3x Ogors

3x Ironguts

3x Ironguts

3x Leadbelchers

3x Yetis

2x Mournfang cav



The battlefield had an Arcane Ruin in his right corner, a watchtower roughly in the middle, a Magewrath Throne in the middle on my right side, and scattered Wyldwoods.


Deployment: I deployed my mortal units on my left side, daemons on my right, each with their respective hero in the center to provide buffs. Skarbrand was roughly in the center behind the watchtower, in order to break LOS from his cannon. He had 2 units with the Butcher on his left, Stonehorn and Ironblaster and a unit of Ironguts in the middle, and the rest on his right flank.

Turn 1: I shot his cannon with mine, dealing 5 wounds, and we both moved up the field. He returned fire on my Bloodletters, but their banner brought some of them back. The Stonehorn destroyed my cannon in a quick melee, and his Firebelly used the Arcane Ruins to summon a Spirit Host unit in my way. A unit of warriors under their general's influence, along with some muscle provided by Skarbrand, quickly cleaned that up.

Turn 2: My Slaughterpriest used his prayer to deal 4 mortal wounds to his Tyrant, which was then finished off by my general. My Knights engaged his Yettis, which were rescude by his Mournfangs. The Stonehorn rampaged through most of my Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds, while the Bloodcrushers failed their charge behind the Magewrath Throne. The same unit of Warriors then charged into his Leadbelchers, losing one man to the Wyldwood. My Deathbringer and Scarbrand charged and annihilated his Tyrant, the Fire Belly, and a unit of Ogors.

Turn 3: My Deathbringer then fell back to support the other unit of Warriors that had moved into the Wyldwood, but was cut down by the Leadbelchers before he could provide his buff. Meanwhile, the Stonehorn crushed my Herald, and Skarbrand rampaged through the Ironblaster and a unit of Ironguts before being finished off by the Stonehorn. The Bloodcrushers were in a slow melee with the Butcher and 2 other units. I conceded at this point as I had only 4 Bloodcrushers, the Slaughterpriest, and a unit of Warriors left.


I realize some things I could have done better were moving the Herald onto the Throne to give the crushers his locus, as well as having Skarbrand head straight for the Stonehorn. While his army's overall toughness was a pain in the neck, especially with the Stonehorn's damage output, it was a fun battle. Skarbrand really showed his worth. 



The Frostlord on Stonehorn delivered the killing blow to over 900 points worth of models, while only taking a few wounds in return.

Skarbrand easily paid for himself by slaughtering 640 points worth of models as his anger exploded.


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