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Arcane Tome & Shaman of the Chilled Lands



How do these two work together - if you have a Hero that can take the Arcane Tome to make him a Wizard can he then take Shaman of the Chilled Lands to allow him to access those spells or can he ONLY cast Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield as per the Arcane Tome wording?

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You're correct. Arcane Tome says that "The bearer becomes a Wizard that can only cast Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and spells to summon endless spells on your army roster."

So yes, you could technically take Shaman of the Chilled Lands and know all the special andtoran locus spells, but as per the rule for Arcane Tome, you can't actually cast any of those spells, so it would be kind of useless.

I believe the Arcane Tome wording was updated in this round of FAQs specifically to make sure you absolutely can't cast other spells.

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