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Wts/wtt sylvaneth, various


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I'm looking to clear out some old bits I don't intend to use in place of ones I will. Prices below but would trade for most death, also considering Seraphon.


Can provide pics on request and I do have feedback back on TWF somewhere.


I have - 

24 sylvaneth dryads NOS

8 dryads assembled on square bases (superglue so easy enough to remove)

£35 posted for all 32


40k stuffs:

5 chaos terminators. 3 missing base, one minus head. Assembled.

£18 posted


5 Eldar war walkers. Assembled.

(couple without guns, others are mix of bright lance and scatter.)

£40 posted


1 Eldar falcon. Assembled.

Bright lance and EML. No plastic covers for pilot/gunner.

£15 posted


Dark Eldar Archon and Haemonculus (previous version)

£10 posted for both


Hordes stuffs

Skorne Army (think its mk2?)




battlebox (metal)


void spirit

ancestral guardian

Zaal and Kovas

Basilisk Krea

2 units of paingivers

Hakaar the destroyer

(various stages of assembly, most bare metal. Couple undercoated, one or two have paint but strippable)

£90 posted


Circle Orboros



2 x Argus

5 Skinwalkers


£35 posted

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