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Events UK: Mancunian Carnage: Spring 2022


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Event Title: Mancunian Carnage: Spring 2022
Event Author: Boombatty80
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 05/21/2022 12:00 AM to 05/22/2022 12:00 AM

Mancunian Carnage is my events series which runs throughout the year. These are classic 5 game AoS tournaments with the added bonus of my boundless enthusiasm and untethered determination to make things a bit ‘different’. My aim is to ensure that there is always a way to enjoy the weekend, be you a power player, a painter or a wooden spoon contender.

There are 84 spaces at each event and last year both sold out (though with drops closer to the date attendees hovered around the 70-80 number).

Tickets are £50 per player, can be bought here and will include a proper lunch on both days & entry to the evening quiz (to save you from Stockport’s dreadful nightlife).

You can find the most recent Carnage singles tournament pack through this link. The 2022 events will follow a similar structure….with some twists thrown in.

Mancunian Carnage: Spring 2022

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