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Black orcs / ardboys



I want to run the "ironjaws" formation in the legacy section of the GH.


It asks for black orcs. Obviously black orcs + ard boys are the same model so is that legit?

Also - grimgors "immortals buff" states black orcs - does it work on ard boys?


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The legacy scrolls really only exist for the transition from 8th Edition Fantasy to AOS.  I don't have the generals handbook handy so I am not sure if Black Orcs have a points value or not.  If they don't, then the legacy "Ironjawz" formation would be impossible to take in matched play.

Ardboyz can definitley not be used as they are not Black Orc's, being the same models is irrelevent, they are a completely different warscroll.

At the end of the day it is really down to who  you play, if you agree with your opponent then no problems.

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