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Hi I'm Tom Landy


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So, probably worth a brief history lesson...

Started playing Games Workshop games in 5th edition (1996)(Bretonnians and Lizardmen). A friend got the core game and I was properly hooked from the minute I played it. Back then obviously the game was infinitely more complicated than today but it really appealed to me and my first purchase was the old high elf spearman and archer boxed set.

Shoot forward 20 years and I'm still playing. Very confused when the 8th edition died and AoS was born but that was mostly because as a kid in a sweet shop with unlimited choice I was lost. I hated the way there was no army building limitations. When CLASH Comp came out I spent quite a while thinking and with the announcement of SCGT 2016 I decided I needed to play. I scoped out my closest Games Workshop and forced the manager to play with me under CLASH comp pools and I was back! Hobby Time! Next I searched for a local games club and found HATE - https://www.facebook.com/groups/hackneyaretabletopenthusiasts/ And on my first night I met the guys who came to SCGT2016 with me! We are the only dedicated AoS gamers in the group but more are playing all the time. Same as ever with an edition change...


It was my first UK event ever and my first event in 6 years, loved hard play. All the rest of Team H.A.T.E. were tournament virgins and we did well...I placed 88th, one of our team placed 20th and we also had a best painting nomination which was properly incredible. So excited to play more AoS especially at independent events in the next few months and we have all started new armies. My SCGT2016 list was pretty gentle Skaven...so no StormFiends or Thanquol & 2 Doomwheels...and I'm now moving onto Order & Aelves, although last weekends Orruk release did cause a minor purchase or two...


Follow me on Twitter if you want more hobby updates, although it's 30K heavy at the minute... @tomlandy

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