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‘The Vurm-Tai’ campaign, a worldwide narrative event: 9-27 September 2021


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A new worldwide narrative event for Age of Sigmar is starting in just a week away!

The Vurm-Tai campaign runs from 9th-27th September 2021, through The Great Weave website.

If you missed Animosity III, or have already recovered from it and are bored out of your Mork-muscle, ‘The Vurm-Tai campaign’ is here to shake things up!
And it’s BIG!

How do I participate?
Players from around the world can play games of Age of Sigmar, Warcry or Soulbound, locally with their friends or over the internet, set in the events of the campaign, by choosing one of the available Quests as an objective.

The Plot
A gargantuan worm has been diverted from its migratory route in Ghur, and will now pass right “through” the free city of Nassollotyl. This city is… well, a city in two parts, built on the backs of two massive Godbeasts, who meet in a VERY regular migration pattern. And a new Dawnbringer Crusade is set to launch onto the worm's back as iit passes... and opportunistic warbands are coming from all over to take advantage of the chaos.

Collaborative storytelling and teamwork
Organize your local group or meet other narrative players across the world through Discord to plan and coordinate attack strategies.
Many of us are already chatting and introducing our armies, and weaving our Path to Glory advances into the story of Vurm-Tai, as our armies/warbands arrive on the scene.





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