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Home Brew battle plan

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Tried making a homebrew battleplan for AoS with a mate on friday night. It seemed a bit broken but heres how it goes. Any input or improvements are greatly appreciated.
The spirit of GIRThu
The spirit of durthu had a bad breakup so now they're addicted to going to the gym to become a swole tree. The spirit of durthu now "GIRTHu" spends their time going between the gym and the all important protein shakes in an uncontrollable rage.
At the end of both players turn the spirit of GIRTHu will recieve a turn acting as a third player or NPC. Heroes must control both the gym and the protein in order to control GIRTHu. Once a player has control over both of these points they can use the spirit of GIRTHu as a unit within their army. If there are heroes from both party within 3 inches of each control point, these control points remain contested and GIRTHu will continue on their campaign for gains. Due to excessive steroid use, whilst patrolling, GIRTHu will aggro to the closest unit within 12 inches of GIRTHu.
-GIRTHu recovers 1 wound per turn.
-If GIRTHu drops to 1 wound they instantly move to the physio in the centre of the field and everyone loses control of GIRTHU until the next turn.
-GIRTHus move whilst patroling between objectives is 2 feet because of an illegal pre trainer GIRTHu bought online. However once a player controls GIRTHu, GIRTHus movement reverts back to what is on the spirit of durthu warscroll.
-At the end of every turn GIRTHu rolls for "Mirin" where GIRTHu gains "1d6" sylvaneth dryads that will accompany GIRTHu until destroyed.
-Dryads must remain within 3 inches of GIRTHu as they do not know how to conduct themselves without their jacked leader.
-At the start of every GIRTHu turn, GIRTHu must roll for "Leg Day." Players roll 1 d6. On a 1,2,3 GIRTHu skips leg day and cannot move for this turn. On a 4,5,6 GIRTHu ain't skipping leg day and can move normally.
-Victory is gained by destroying your opponents army/killing all opponents heroes and controlling GIRTHu at the end of the battle. If any one player cannot control GIRTHu by the end of the battle, GIRTHu is named the victor and crowned the YOKED GOD OF SICK GAINS AND LEG DAY.
Total GIRTHu
GIRTHus social media profile is that of a collosus. Any character that comes into contact with GIRTHu, roll 1d6. On a 3+, GIRTHu goes aggro on the unit, on a 1-2, GIRTHu is overcome by the need to build their influencer credentials and instead of fighting, poses for selfies with the unit (target unit may still fight normally). When posing for selfies, immediately Roll d6 x 5000 to check how many new followers GIRTHu's insta post produces. If at any time in the battle GIRTHu acquires more than 1 million followers, they achieve mega influencer status. If this happens, GIRTHu immediately takes control of both armies and the game ends. Every time GIRTHu goes to physio, GIRTHu loses d6 x 25000 of their most fickle followers.
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