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Lustria and EEFL Forumite Packs his Greataxe to join the Fray

Aesir Doomaxe

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Hello AoS fans!

I am Aesir Doomaxe, known by other names as Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl on Lustria Online and lordofskullpass on EEFL. 

Though I've been a Warhammer Fantasy player since I was about 10, I've become interested in watching AoS grow and develop over the years since its inception, because it has become a lot more interesting now than when it first started. I'm planning to start Fyreslayers as my first dedicated AoS army at some point in the future (especially if GW actually think of giving us some more units 😠 😉), and have Greenskin, Skaven and fledgeling Beastmen forces that can be put to use as Gloomspite Gitz, Skaven and Beasts of Chaos respectively in non-competitive games (since GW has banned the use of square bases ☚ī¸). I've also done a lot of work in the development of unofficial new armies for the game, including my own take on Tomb Kings and Bretonnia to give these much-maligned factions a new lease of life (or should that be unlife in the case of Tomb Kings? 😉), and an evil take on Sylvaneth, the Gloomforest Spawn (conceived before Gloomspite Gitz were devised).

I look forward to talking all things AoS with you all! 🙂


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