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TLA for my Aqshy "Grove of the Forest Flame" Sylvaneth army


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He is finally done (minus cleaning up the base edge and a few patches of red grass - I have lost the ability to see colours properly or hold a brush steady at this point XD). My Treelord Ancient, the first complete model of my first AoS army. 



The goal was to create an autumnal feel that also invoked the idea of flames. Then stand him on black sand framing a cracked lava river. "Burning" his feet, the ends of his beard and tabard, his claw and the butt of his staff help to tie him into the environment - a theme that will be carried through every model in the army. 

I wanted to give the impression that this grove slumbered in a sheltered, forgotten valley while the Everqueen underwent her transformation, and then marched out to seek vengeance, crossing the burning planes of Aqshy. 

  • Primer is white spray (I used a generic plastic primer)
  • Heartwood is Rakarth Flesh undercoat, Seraphim Sepia wash, Ushabti Bone highlights.
  • Bark is Dryad Bark undercoat, Nuln Oil wash, Gorthor Brown highlights.
  • Branches/vines/antlers/mouth are Averland Sunset undercoat, Trollslayer Orange from about half way, or at meeting points, Mephiston Red tips. (Averland and Trollslayer might just be the 2 best paints I have ever used. Both flow so well when correctly watered down, and Averland is strikingly solid, while Trollslayer is decidedly transparent, letting the Averland really pop through!)
  • Beard/Tabard are Nagaroth Night undercoat, Druchii Violet wash, Slanesh Grey highlight (or drybrush for the tabard).
  • Burnt bits are painted as above, then heavy drybrush of Abadon Black (from bottom up of each area, so its full coverage at the base, and fades higher up), Mechanicus Standard Grey drybrush, Admin Grey light drybrush (and then red tips on each of the ends of the beard hairs - a la Blackbeard!)
  • Eyes are Averland and a tiny, tiny spot of Trollslayer
  • Mushrooms are Ushabti Bone underneath (with a Sepia wash for the big ones on the staff) and raw Rakarth Flesh on top with white spots.
  • Beard Gem is Abadon Black, highlights of Admin Grey, a very watered down Mephiston Red in the rune, then a couple of coats of Ardcoat
  • Base is black aquarium sand on the sides, then a basecoat of Mephiston Red, stippling of Jokaero Orange, smaller stippling of Averland Sunset, a layer of Ardcoat (let it dry fully - DONT USE PVA - its too variable), then LOTS of Mordant Earth and a hairdryer, and finally a Lamian Medium wash on the Mordant Earth to stick it down more, and take the shine out of the cracks. Boy did that take some experimenting. The guides online are not all complete, and sometimes contradict.  
  • All hand painted (apart from the primer)
  • He is pinned to the base.

What do you all think? Personally, this is by far the best thing I have ever painted. I am so very proud of him. 

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