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Order Mercinaries: Bring the Buffs and Hard Hitters!


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As per my discussion in the General Forum, i have a Seraphon list i'm working on (rebasing from 8th ed). Models I have to work from are:


Skar Vet on Cold One

Old Blood on Foot

2 Skink priests

30 Saurs

40 Temple Guard

45 Skinks

6 Saurus Cav

Steg with Engine


It's a bit lacklustre, not much punch but a few decent anvils. I was looking for suggestions for good 'mercinary' order units to buff up or add punch to this. I've got a stormcast army so some retributors probably wouldn't go astray. Swordsmasters/dragon princes from my high elves maybe? I was even thinking Sisters of the Thorn as their spell works great with any of the saurus units. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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