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Underworld Card Holders


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Just picked up some card holders for my underworlds games from 4GROUND publishing, pretty good at keeping tokens and upgrading cards organised during play. 


(Picture taken from the website) I mainly play 3-4 character warbands such as the Wurmspat, Rippas Snarlfangs or Yltharis Guardians and these seem ideal for small warbands that stack up a few upgrades and damage during play. They seem a bit overkill for larger warbands who's characters don't get a lot of table time.

Not a bad idea though, I've found them quite useful when keeping track of +1/-1 wounds and such.

If anyone is interested, I picked them up from here https://www.4groundpublishing.co.uk/flux-construct

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That is true, although when I'm playing, if anyone wants to see any of the upgrades or the character card I tend to just pass them the holder or take out any cards they want to see. 

Although these have all been friendly matches down the pub, haven't played any fully competitive games so not sure if that would make a difference. 

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