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Hello from (South) Australia!


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Hey all!


Ex-40k player from many years ago, haven't played any GW stuff since 40k's 4th edition so I'm a little out of the loop. I tried modern 40k but found myself drawn to AoS almost immediately, having previously been put off WHFB by the sheer quantity of miniatures involved. Also dabbled in Warmachine, and the older DnD minis game from 10 or so years ago.

Anyway after a month or two of reading, and consideration I settled on starting a Nighthaunt army! The aesthetic is pretty unique (for wargames anyway), I like the play-style, it's easy to get a collection going (due to the starter sets), but BY FAR the biggest draw for me is how easy they are to paint!

I've so far grabbed whatever I could find at my FLGS which so far is just Tempest of Souls, a copy of White Dwarf, and a little box of Myrmourn Banshees but I've also got some reinforcements and much needed paints on the way from GW whenever they get around to shipping. So hopefully enough to cobble together 500-1000pts worth of jank to play a few games once we're over the 'rona. I've also spotted quite a few Lady Olynder's kicking around the FLGS, but she looks like a challenge to build and paint, and I'm going to be pretty well stocked for HQ choices at least until I start getting nearer to the 2000pt mark.



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