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"competitive" 1000/2000 Seraphon

Killer Croc

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its my First Army and i allready ordered my moddels, so please be nice :D this is my list and i try to wright down my thoughts about the units:

1000 List:

-Star Seer (gives me rerolls and a nice buff/debuff) 160

-2x 10 skinks (battleline, cheap and little shooty support) 160

-Hurricanum + mage (+1 to all hits and spells with rerolls from Star Seer it loads out billions of mortal wounds) 320 

-Bastiladon (main damage dealer) 300

-Salamander  (just for the damage) 60
These are exact 1000 points. What do you think? Can i beat harder lists with that and objective play?

And now the pump up to 2000 points with the same models and a very cool formation:

Thunderquake Starhost 120

Engine of the gods 240

Stegadon 260

Bastiladon 300

Salamander with 3 handlers 100
=1020 points

+ star seer 160
3x10 skinks 240
Slann starmaster 260
Hurricanum +mage 320
=2000 points

So these are 3 big monsters with billions of buffs and rerolls + everyone of them heals up d3 wounds each turn. Hurricanum deals mortal wounds and the 30 skinks try to catch objectives.

So what do you think guys? Maybe in the 1k list i can swap the Bastiladon with a Stegadon (260 instead of 300) and add 3 handlers to the  salamander. I dont know which of them performs better in 1k-games. I like the melee and alphaskink abilitys, but the Stegadon looks so beasty on paper. + 1hit + the starseer rerolls and curse. I think there can be pretty nice numbers.



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I like the look of the 1000k list. For sure, some powerful abilities in there.


i would drop the salamander and add a gryphon hound - that will give you a little protection from alpha strike units that "appear" near by.

just my style of play thou.


the 2 thousand point lists looks very spell character heavy - I'm not sure what the engine of the gods is going to really achieve - but perhaps that's because I think without being able to summon it's a little gimped - guess with the extra dice etc etc you should be able to get the d6 mortal wounds- which with a star seer re roll can put out a lot f damage at range.

i just might consider it myself.


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yeah i have the same feelings about the summon abillity...but ill try to go for the heal (which means 2 d3 wounds are healed for the formation) or the mortal wounds. But lets see what he brings. 

Priest is a great idea, but i dont know what should i kick out for him. I also like the alpha skink from the Stegadon, with the 30 skinks pretty nice i think...which weapon you prefer on him? Flames or Arrow? 

Another idea ist this Formation:

Heavenswatch Starhost:

  • 1 Skink Starseer
  • 2 Heroes from the following: Starpriest, Priest, Trog
  • 3-6 units from the following: Salamanders, Razordon, Flyers, Skinks, Bastiladon, EotG, Stegadon


  • Target an enemy unit the Starseer can see - everything from the battalion can re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1 against it.
  • Monsters in this battalion heal a wound in each of your hero phases.

i can kick out the eotg and the Slann. At a Second Bastiladon and a jade mage (which benefits from the hurricanum) and for the rest of points more skinks. Im not at home and dont know the points exactly. Just an idea. Its lesser heal, but more output on single target. Maybe there is place for a cannon or something like that. So you can point a target per round and wipe it off with 2 Bastiladon Lasers+cannon with couple of rerolls etc.

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List with heavenwatch would look like this:


Heavenwatch Starhost 100

Starseer 160

starpriest 100

priest 100

2x Bastiladon 600

Stegadon 260

no Formation:

3x10 skinks 240

hurricanum + mage 320 

=1850 points. 150 left for stuff. Maybe a mage (jade o. fire) + hound?

what do you think guys? 

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