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[ArmyList] Getting to 2000 points


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Hi all,

I would like advices on my army list so far. I'm playing Legions of Sacrament as I really like the heavy spell caster part of it.
I went with both Start Collecting boxes & my old Khemris, wich lead me to this today :

- Arkhan (360) / Neferata (380) / Mannfred (380)
- Necromancer 1 (130)
- Necromancer 2 (130)
- 10 Black Knights (240) / 10 Hexwraith (280)
- 40 Skeletons Warriors /w spears (280)
- 3 Spirit Hosts (120)
- Mortis Engine (180) / Coven Throne (260)
- Lords of Sacrament Battalion (130)

With my LoS build I'm up to 1570 points (102 wounds) when I'm playing with the BK

I build everything I could with magnets, wich let me swap the Mortrachs, the Knights & Hexwraiths and the Mortis & Coven. Both my Necromancers are convertion of a Lich Priest & a Tomb King I swaped the sword with a staff. I still have an other Tomb King wich could easly be a Wight King.

Any idea for the next step ? I only played 1000 & 1250 points games. We didn't finished the 1k because of lack of time & I lost the 1250 because I didn't pay attention to my objectivs (I had the lead thanks to a full wipe of 280 enemy points with Arkhan might)

I know endless spells might be a nice addition (Purple Sun ?) but I feel the army is a bit squishy ..

thanks guys :)


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