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Salutations from south staffs Uk


I played fantasy from 4th ed on and off to 6th and I had a rather large Bretonnian army 6k+ Skipped 7th just started to get into 8th when AOS came out and GW dropped 2 of the 3 armies I collected. Proceeded to rage quit and flog off my Brets and Khemrians. Unfortunately regretted it ever since. 

 Brets got it hard and bad in the wake of the new system from what I gathered but After reading through some threads on this site which popped up on a google search and seeing some work from a guy on reddit the lady’s grace may have fell upon me again and I feel it may have re-ignited my love. 

So it seems I may have to rebuild (albeit a bit more expensive these days) a small force if not for gaming the nostalgia as I know zero people immediately that play this new style warhammer. 

It’ll be a long and arduous quest but feel it will be worth it in the end and figured I could track some very slow progress with you guys down the line  


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