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Finally taking the plunge to AoS 2.0

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Hello one and all.

I suppose I'm considered something of an old grognard around here. Started in the hobby around 7th edition for WHFB, and I want to say around 4th or 5th edition for WH40k. Back when the Imperial Guard regiments had doctrines and you could make unique regiments, if that helps. Didn't really have the funds to do much more with the hobby then purchase the occasional box (back in the glorious days of pewter) or army book, but once I was out of college and working full time, I was able to invest in a couple armies and give Fantasy a go.

Then the End Times happened.

I will freely admit, I was not particularly impressed with the End Times or the first edition of Age of Sigmar. The fact that this setting which I'd grown to love and finally could invest in had just been thrown out the window rankled with me something fierce, and at the time, I swore I'd never have anything to do with the game.

Obviously, my opinions have changed a bit.

Since 2nd dropped, things have definitely improved. The lore is getting fleshed out, the rules are more concrete, and a lot of the new models look amazing. I also appreciate that the models for my old armies, Lizardmen and Ogre Kingdoms, have remained unchanged, meaning getting into the game will be as easy as rebasing my existing models, and grabbing a couple of books.

And so, here I am, ready to give the game the chance I never gave it before. I'll be asking for some help deciding on which of the other factions I want to get into next, but that's for a different thread. I look forward to talking with and fightin' da lot o'ya!

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