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[H] Tons [W] Ogres, Money [USA only]


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Selling and trading around 30% off retail.  Shipping is free to the continental USA only.  Prices are non-negotiable.

Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus (NIB) - $22
Blood Angel Forge World Terminator Shoulder Pads (NISB) - $28
Bretonnian Pegasus Knight (NIB) - $34
Chaos Chosen Dark Vengeance (all 6, NOS) - $34
Chaos Exalted Hero (metal, NISB) - $24
Chaos Hellcannon (metal, NIB) - $94
Chaos Typhus (metal, mint, never assembled) - $34
Chapter Approved 2018 Warlord Edition (NIB) - $134
Dark Eldar Venom x 5 (NOS) - $20 each
Eldar Vyper x 6 (NOS) - $20 each
Eldar Windriders x 6 (NIB, 3 per box) - $28 each box
Empire Flagellants x 20 (NOS) - $90
Imperial Guard Cadian Command Squad (NISB) - $18
Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops x 2 boxes (NISB) - $20 each box
Imperial Guard Codex (brand new) - $28
Imperial Guard Datacards (brand new) - $10
Imperial Guard Start Collecting x 2 boxes (NIB) - $68 each box
Sector Imperialis 32mm Bases x 2 boxes (NIB) - $24 each box
Sector Imperialis 60mm, 75mm, 90mm Bases x 2 boxes (NIB) - $24 each box
Sector Imperialis Large Detail Base Kit x 3 boxes (NIB) - $24 each box
Sisters of Battle Chapter Approved 2018 Datacards (brand new, never used) - $40
Space Marine Codex x 2 (newest version, hardcover, never read) - $34 each
Space Marine Intercessors (box of 10, NISB) - $44
Tomb Kings Casket of Souls (metal, NISB) - $99
Tomb Kings Necrosphinx / Warsphinx (NISB) - $149
Undead Black Coach (plastic, NIB) - $90
Undead Mortarchs x 3 boxes (NISB) - $60 each box
Undead Nagash (plastic, NIB) - $80

WANT (newest version only, must be NOS, NIB, or NISB)
Ogre Firebelly (I wish it was metal or plastic)
Ogre Ironguts x 16
Ogre Leadbelchers x 8
Ogre Rhinox cavalry and riders (Forge World only, all 4 versions)
Ogre Stonehorn/Thundertusk kit
Ogre Tyrant/Bruiser (army box version, metal only)
Ogre Tyrant (metal only)

Send me a private message for payment details.

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