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skirmish miniature gaming youtube channel needs you!


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Hiya fellow underworlders. My name is Luke and I run the new YouTube channel Skirmish Miniature Gaming. I post this so that people can go over and check out the channel, we post weekly content for warhammer underworlds. 

The main reason I am posting though is that we are searching for someone who has a wish to be part of a miniature gaming channel as a content producer. We are looking for someone to help film games 1 day a week. You don't even have to have access to many models as our studio has many to choose from if you wish. 

We are based in Telford UK so if you live fairly close and would be interested in being part of the future for our channel please contact me at skirmishminiaturegaming@gmail.com

Please check out the channel below if you haven't already and also check out our facebook page, happy wargaming skirmishers!


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