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Possibly starting Maggotkin

Rotten Horde

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Hi folks!


Me and my brother got back into 40k with the new edition after a long absence and now we're testing the waters of AoS too. I've got a Death Guard/Nurgle Daemon 40k army so Maggotkin seems like the obvious jumping in point. I just had a few questions about how best to go about it first though before I pick up the books.


So, there's obviously a lot of stuff in my army that won't be useful in AoS. Plague marines and other overtly sci-fi things just aren't going to work. I do have a load of generic zombies though that fit a fantasy setting. Can you take zombies in Maggotkin? If not, are there any units that would work as a "counts as" option? Which books would you consider standard kit for playing the game? Also, my brother is looking at Seraphon and our cousin is looking at Kharadron, would these three armies be roughly evenly matched?


Just to give a bit of context for those questions, we always played the matched play option in 40k but in a fairly casual manner (if that makes sense?). We're not looking at building tournament winning armies but we do want to give each other a challenge. That's probably the format we'll most often play AoS in too.


Cheers :)

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