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1k Fimir Army

exploding youth

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Hi guys! So I'm working on a Fimir Army and would like some feedback on what units I should use. Ive been playing Kharadron and it's been working really well for me in 2.0 (haven't lost a game yet). One of the things that makes them work/ fun for me to play is all the synergies between units.

I have always wanted to do a Fimir army since the WFB days and now I can. I haven't run Destruction or even come up against them yet. Not being familiar with Destruction I don't know what units will work well with my Fimir in a vanilla Destruction list. I've nearly finished painting the following and plan to run the Fimir as they are but am open to changing the proxies for the other stuff. Will this work well? Im a pretty casual gamer so not looking for anything too competitive but would still like to not get tabled then two haha

Fimirach nobel - 140
Dirach (orruk weirdnob shaman) - 120

3x Fimir Warriors - 140
3x Fimir Warriors - 140
3x Fimir Warriors - 140

Colossal Bog Maggot (Basilisk) - 160

3x Fenbeasts (Fellwater Troggoths) - 160

1000 points

Thanks guys!

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