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Season of War Campaign Week 1 Stormcast vs Chaos (Beasties)


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Just a quick description of the 1000 point game my mate and I had last night. It was epic fun. He had chaos beastmen with some warriors support, i had stormcast. Playing the 'meatgrinder' game was really fun and tactical. We played it on a 4x4 and I only had a single 10 man unit of liberators to work with as my 'disposable' unit, vs his 20 man chaos warrior unit and 2 units of gors. However I was able to tie up the middle with the liberators, using the castellant to buff up their saves. My knight venator did 7 wounds to his big beast character (can't remember the names of the beastmen models i'm sorry), and my prosecutors took one for the team, landing an excellent charge over the heads of the melee to knock off his last wound (and were promptly demolished by the 6 big beasties he was rocking). I had a single unit of 5 retributors which dealt with the gors on one flank and in a tactical masterstroke i pulled off the remaining 4 liberators being mauled in the centre, brought them straight back on next turn and landed a nice long charge back into the centre to continue the grind and edge myself into his frontline. Pulled off a minor win by just holding the line and keeping good position.


Was a really fun game, and we used the new rules for generating items and command traits (we rolled d6 for them). The chaos one he rolled was brutal, -1 to hit for everything i attacked with for turn 1. That said mine wasn't bad, re-roll charges and runs for within 12" of my general. Something to note, chaos players are going to love their army trait, if they remember to use it! It's easy to forget to roll a dice for each unit that attacks.





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