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General's War #XIV

Jan "Kyoshi" Mejor

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Yet again I have a pleasure to invite you for General's War tournament in Warsaw, which  will take place on 16/06/2018 for the last time ... in the old hall of the Adeptus Mechanicus club in Warsaw.

What we play:
We're playing Age of Sigmar! on the basis of "matched play" of the official General's Handbook 2017, Battletoms and FAQ.

We prepare using the official application on 2tys - Battlehost games. Additional details about "House rules" are completed in our FAQ.

The last time we play in accordance with the current GH2017

Both players have the right to check the opponent's army lists before the game begins. We must have a printed copy with us! Command Trait, artefacts, spells and prayers should be specified in the army list and can not be changed during the tournament. We also send out the orders together with the application in the form.

We are playing 3 scenarios drawn from OpenWar Cards. For each round we draw:

  • One Deployment Card (Deployment)
  • One scenario card (Objective)
  • One Twist card


  Each round lasts 2.5 hours. In the case of time running out, the score at the time of round end counts as final. If no scoring is given after the end of time, a tie will be entered. We do not play for golden long johns, it's about providing equal and fair conditions for all players.

Major victory - 17 points
Minor victory - 12 points
Draw - 7 points
Minor loss - 5 points
Major loss - 0 points
By-pass - 12: 0 (no opponent's appearance in the battle)

In each scenario, you can get one additional point for special tasks:

  • Kingslayer: killing the enemy general.
  • Linebreaker: if at the end of the game you have your unit in enemy territory.
  • First Blood: for the player who first kills the entire enemy unit.


In addition, you can earn additional 20 points for meeting the following conditions:

5 TP = Properly prepared schedule sent to the organizer on time
5 TP = Own cubes, rulers, markers, printed pendulum and warscrolle of your units.
0 TP = Unpainted army and / or unsealed models.
2 TP = Less than 50% of the painted army.
4 TP = Over half of the models painted
6TP = The army is fully painted.
1 TP = Molded bases throughout the army.
1 TP = Different branches marked. They can be easily distinguished.

For the purpose of resolving the draws in the final scoring, we also count points for the killed full opponent's units.

What we play with:
We do not play with potatoes! Realizing that this is only a hobby and we do not require a full WYSIWYG, proxies are acceptable within the limits of common sense, Forge World models and convertible models are allowed. Full painting of the army is not required, but the player who did it at the start of the tournament receives additional points. Own tools are required to play - cubes, scoops, pegs, warscrolle. In the case of the preparation of own usable land of Sylvaneth Wyldwood or Nurgle trees type, original sizes must be kept.

Day schedule:

  • Preparation and registration 09.30-10.00
  • The first battle: 10.00 - 12.30
  • Second battle: 12.45 - 15.15
  • Third battle: 15.45 - 18.15

Awarding of prizes

We sign up by submitting the application using the form available HERE

Entry fee is obligatory: 30 PLN / 35 PLN on the day of the tournament

Prepay to account:

10 1020 5561 0000 3902 0001 1585 - Jan Mejor; necessarily with the note GW14 - Name and Surname

Making a prepayment will pat the place if there is a large number of players. Otherwise, the order of applications decides. Returns are possible untill 10.06

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