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Event Author: WORGORE
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 10/08/2016 12:00 AM to 10/09/2016 12:00 AM

A GATHERING OF MIGHT XVII: 8th-9th October 2016
The North West Warriors are proud to announce  A GATHERING OF MIGHT XVII ! The event will be held at The Shakespeare Centre, Kendal, Cumbria. On the 8th-9th of October 2016. It will be a 5 game Age of Sigmar tournament using the General's Handbook rules.  Will have set the event at Battlehost level, 2000pts. There will be a host of awards for a variety of skills listed below.

We hope you all join us!

Tournament pack can be found by following this link...


Tickets cost £25 per person. Tickets are on sale now. We have allocated 32 spaces for the event.

Tickets can only be purchased through the AGOM website/store by visiting this link: http://www.agom.co.uk/store/



The Shakespeare Centre

Yard 76



LA9  4HE

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Gaming
Best Painted/Army 

Best painted Leader/Battleline/Artillery/Behemoth

Best in Alliance

Brotherhood Award

Best Sports

Wooden spoon


RAFFLE ARMY: £10 for a strip of tickets.



Just bring it on the day!




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Adam Rawson
Andy Currie
Cai Bird
Craig Worsley
Edward Bennett
Edward Proom
Emyr Rice-Roberts
Gary Date
James Peacock
Joe Grimwade
Kati Wood
Kevin Gillett
Luke Garside
Luke Whitehead
Matthew Sarginson 
Paul Whitehead
Peter Dawes
Sam Pett
Sean Keating
Scott Smith
Stuart West

*Gareth Beacock
*Paul Williamson
*Ian Loxam
*= Coming but not paid to confirm place.
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We have introduced an old favourite, the RAFFLE ARMY! 


Now for for those of you that have not been to an AGOM before here's what that entails...

Durning the weekend you get the chance to purchase a strip of raffle tickets (£10). You can buy multiple strips. The winning number will be drawn out during the awards ceremony. If you are the lucky winner you will get...


A fully painted 'BEASTCLAW RAIDERS ARMY', plus battle tome & even a carry case to take it all home in! 


Alex is currently beavering away on this project. Here's a shot of where he is up to now. I'll post up more pics as it gets closer to completion.


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On 3 October 2016 at 1:38 PM, Scottyjock said:

Quick check on how you'll be ruling deployment in the 'Escalation' mission when using Formations (eg Skyborne Slayers *cough cough*)?



Would this possibly affect you .... ?


It will rule as the following.

In the example you give. You still divide the number of warscrolls by 3. If you want to keep a unit in the heavens. It counts as a drop. But you must as the scenario asks. Begin with your battle line units. Even if you choose to put them in the heavens. 

Hope that clears that up? 



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Everything packed up and ready to rock! 


Just one one more sleep and it will be time to set up the venue. 


If if you fancy keeping up with action I'll add updates here plus...


twitter @WORGORE

and on the face book group A Gathering Of Might events page.


should be trying live feeds so wish us luck! 


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So, AGOM.... loved it! Great hosts, extremely chilled event, excellent location. The tables were well spaced, plenty room, each had a gaming mat on which are great for rolling dice and moving models. Maybe need a couple bits more terrain (8-10?) but not a big criticism. And getting beer brought to your table is a wonderful thing :)

5 great games v James, Pete, Andy, Edward & Luke. I started brightly but faded away... 

The Saturday night drinking games and Cards against Humanity were a highlight too!

I will DEFINITELY be back to AGOM. 10/10.

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