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New player in Ireland!


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I'm new to AoS. I bought a ton of skaven models back when Fantasy was a thing but never got around to painting them all so never actually got a game in. I've had a recent resurgence of interest in Warhammer and am going full on with the army building. Got a few more pestilens models and am working on some magnet conversions for the screaming bell and vermin lord. 

Looking forward to posting my army progress pics!

Also if anyone is from Dublin and plays give me a shout!


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Welcome to TGA!

Its a great time to be starting Skaven! (I’m expecting a new non-Pestillins Skaven battletome this year ...) 

So, come join us in the monthly painting and building contract and show us your cool stuff and share the inspiration of completing models.

I’m looking forward to see your stuff ... (I have a bunch of Skaven to do for my Warhammer Quest Adversaries collection!)

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