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Club night at the South London Legion - 13 December 2017


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If you're looking for Age of Sigmar, Shadespire,  40K, Bloodbowl, Necromunda or other games in London, then head down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon.

There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well.


After an opportunistic raid on Dark Sphere last Friday night, the Legion regroups in Croydon. The focus has switched to the GT Heats, with a pre-Christmas multiplayer megabattle on the cards for next week.
Conor has pushed the button on his Disciples of Tzeentch army. Looking good already!
I’ll be trying out Archaon within the Fatesworn Warband  vs Ben Savva’s painting award winning Skryre (Ad Mech) army. John’s Khorne chopped up James’s Seraphon last week - Kroak went down. Unfortunately they feel robbed as there was no Blood to shed and no skulls to reap #DreamDaemons. They might want some more blood.
Craig has made a welcome return. Are #CraigRolls a thing of the past? 
Runedaddy has a go at Derpghar. I finally found uses for that oversized axe and Kairic Acolytes.
Matt’s Chaos Dwarves soundly defeated Tim’s Orcs and leapfrogged Rob’s Skitz Skatz to lead the league 10-9. Rob has several games in hand though.
My TTT lost to Simon’s Dwarves but killed two of them! Continuing the theme, I drew with Tim’s Orcs despite killing Two Black Orcs in one turn with an Underworld Team! Tim truly suffered from severe #CraigRolls that game.
More games kicking off tomorrow. New players are also welcome!
I taught Craig the game in 20 minutes on Friday and he loved it. Very close game. Ben Savva then played Craig. The only way is up for me with my 3-games 3-Losses record.
Ben Murphy and Leo had quite a few games at the club. Should be a perfect second game to fit around a main game in an evening. Or you can just play 4 games back to back :D.
Lots of excitement from Sami, John and others for the Blood Angels and Dark Angels Codices.
I’ve gone all in and bought all the warbands. Sami is doing well with the Necrons!
Ben Raven seems very excitable about Tyranids!
Craig is leading the way with his Ad Mech - awesome painting!
I finally cracked - may have pushed the button on Lias Issodon, Raptors Space Marines and an Ad Mech Battalion.
One of the cohort of Bens owns this chap.
My loot crate.
Lias Issodon conversion.
Simon Froley is leading the charge with James hot on his heels. I’ve dug out my old Van Saar gang! Very exciting game. Will be going strong in the New Year.
@Thanatos Ares
@Marc Wilson

Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (84,000 messages and counting - I swear fully half of it is John talking about Khorgoraths).

You can find us here:

Croydon Conference Centre

5-9 Surrey Street


Surrey CR0 1RG



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