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I thought it might be a good painting motivation to open up a plog to present my progresses.

It's going to be mostly Beastclaws with some Ironjawz and Shadespire in the mix.

The start makes my first test Mournfang. It took me nearly a year to finish it. Mostly because of time restraints but also because I had to approach the final scheme on a try and error base. It was actually the first time painting more skin than a few faces for me. And it was kind of hard at first.







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Some few (crappy) WiP pictures. Did not have a lot of painting time this week so I just wanted to get the Ironjawz to the point where I could apply nuln oil. Also did some red drybrushing on the leftmost to see if I like how the armour will work out. Its going to look quite dirty because of the wash. May look fine at the end.

The Stormcast are a small welcome distraction.

I also started working on the stones on my mournfang bases. So I could get the first wash on them.




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Just realised I did not post in this for nearly a month. Did take a bit of a hobby break in favor of other hobbies though. Got back in this weekend. Here are some WiP pics. Worked on my mournfang horn blower, the Ironskullz Boys and kitbashed a tyrant out of  Ogor and Ironjawz kits.20171211_234403.jpg.b419372c507e1f0043883a57a14102e1.jpg20171211_234320-1.jpg.7e9d32c48597656a7b4936b0bbca3835.jpg20171211_234340.jpg.a00c42fa364907e4a3979b3f4d82d299.jpg20171211_233947.jpg.9769845fdc06b324d778f399201f55f8.jpg20171211_233930.jpg.6704d23fc940878693c5e850fa4bc5f1.jpg20171211_233919.jpg.83175891f0c0bdfa9e2b43b104b0e877.jpg

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