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London AoS night - 8 November - South London Legion


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If you're looking for Age of Fyreslayers  Sigmar, Shadespire or other games in London, then head down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon.


A good number of us are preparing armies for Angelcore and Blood & Glory. I’m trying the Fyreslayers against Leo’s DoT.
This week also features a number of 1,000ish point games as part of our Firestorm campaign. I think we’re in danger of cracking open a second map as it looks popular. Woop woop. 
Wooop - subheadings - woop! The Magmic Mice finally managed a win against The Dudz & Sudz (Underworld Team) and even that was 2:1 (2:2 on a 4+ Roll). 
Rob’s Skitz Skatz beat John’s Orcs last week - Rob is the Rat to beat - Chainsaws will be flying his way no doubt.
Ben’s Orcs took on (edit- “took out”) the Dudz & Sudz earlier in the week.
Matt’s Chaos Dwarves take on John’s Orcs! The Troll has BLOCK!
Initial reports point to this being awesome. Ben and Leo had quite a few games at the club. I need to crack open my copy. Should be a perfect second game to fit around a main game in an evening. Or you can just play 4 games back to back :D.
As normal - there are a whole bunch of games taking place - plus quite a few people are exploring 40K 8th edition for those interested. A number of blue shinies made their way up to Warhammer World for Heat One. 
@Thanatos Ares

There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well.

Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (77,000 messages and counting - I swear fully half of it is John talking about Khorgoraths).

You can find us here:

Croydon Conference Centre

5-9 Surrey Street


Surrey CR0 1RG





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