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hey tell me what you think!

Vandus hammerhand 

Lord relictor

10 liberators

5 retributors

2 x 10 judicators 

3 prosecutors

1520 points! do you think 20 points over is fine for 1500 point play? or should i replace hammerhand with a normal celestant on dracoth + a relictor for 1460?

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Three things.

1) You can go under the points limit, never above it (unless you plan to play friendly games) as the rules state.

2) Why 2x10 Judicators instead od 4x5? The second option would give you 4x Primes with a special weapon (hence the +1 Hit on four models) instead of 2x Primes with a special weapon and 2x regular Judicators with special weapons. Since you are not utilizing any battalion that gave advantages from big shooting unit keeping it small may give you some minor boost.

3) Relictor is good, either it's his Blessed Weapon or Chariot (you may want to have some taxi for slow Retributors and Liberators) so I'll definitely think about including him.

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