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Help with Double Ironclad List


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Hey Guys,

I'm a big fan of the Ironclad Models and have been able to procure two of them along with 1 Frigate.  I'm thinking Barak Zilfin would be best for having this much air support, but I'm not sure.

Anyone have any good suggestions for a double Ironclad list or what would work best with them?

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I'm building up to 2k skydorf as well and have built a list with two Ironclads like this:

2000pt Zilfin, (Master the Skies, Don't Argue With the Wind, There's Always a Breeze, Surrender is Rarely Profitable)

Khemist (General, Fleetmaster) 140

Khemist (Earbuster) 140

20x Arkanaut Company (Skyhooks x6) 240

10x Arkanaut Company (Skyhooks x3) 120

10x Arkanaut Company (Skyhooks x3) 120

9x Endrinriggers (Grapnel x2) 360

Ironclad (Aetherspheric Endrins, Skycannon) 440

Ironclad (Skycannon) 440


If you're going to run Ironclads, This is how I think it should be done. One dropping from high anchor with the 20man company, all balloons and characters, and the other deployed normally with the other two squads inside. You get a free re-position after deployment for the second ship, as well as a free move at the start of the game. Khemists buff the two big squads after the drop, ironclads buff eachother, and you let loose.

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