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Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist --- Death Shriek



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For Death shriek you pick a target unit and then roll a single D6.  Add the result of the D6 roll to the corresponding number on the wound table for Death Shriek.  Compare this combined result to your targets bravey.  For each point the result beats the targets  bravery the target takes a mortal wound. 


As an example, if your terrorgiest has taken no wounds and you target a unit with bravery 6.  You roll a single dice getting a 6, looking at the table for death shriek you add a further 6 to this roll as you sre on full health giving a combined total of 12.  Comparing this result to your targets bravery of 6 you have rolled over their bravery by 6pts and so the target unit suffers 6 mortal wounds.


Hope that helps.

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